Shop my range of high quality, stylish and sophisticated notebooks designed exclusively for busy women to get more out of their day.

You will be sure to find a notebook to suit your needs in this range. You can also add monogramming for a personalised finish. Choose from either A5 and A4 sized notebooks, all luxury in their design and unique to my brand only.


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  • a5 covered notebook four colours

    A5 Covered Notebook

  • A5 Spiral Notebooks

    A5 Spiral Notebook

  • a5 covered notebook replacement insert

    A5 Covered Notebook Replacement Insert

  • a4 covered notebook for sophisticated women

    A4 Covered Notebook

  • A4 Hardcover notebook in tangerine

    A4 Hardcover Notebook

  • 30% OFF a5 covered notebook bubblegum colour

    A5 Covered Notebook (First Edition)

  • replacement insert for the a4 covered notebook

    A4 Covered Notebook Replacement Insert

  • 30% OFF covered notebook replacement insert front view

    A5 Covered Notebook Replacement Insert (First Edition)

  • a4 notetaker bundle in pink

    A4 Notetaker Bundle

  • a5 notetaker bundle in warm and earthy colours

    A5 Notetaker Bundle